Sai Gadam went to Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance.  After graduating he moved back to Sarasota, Florida and began working for a commercial insurance company.  He started as in intern in the Finance Department.  As an intern, he was handling checks that would come in from customers.  He would process the checks by entering them into the system and handled cash transactions that were donations for the company charity from employees.  He also had the opportunity to go around and experience what it was like in other departments and seeing what he would like to do in the future.  


Once his internship was completed, he got hired on as an auditor.  He worked as an auditor for about a year.  He would check payroll, profit and loss statements, income statements of insurance clients.  Sai would make audit comments and submit it to the company.  The results of the audit would generate either a return premium or an additional premium as necessary, and the insured might have to pay more or would get a check back.


Sai works for a company that provides a line of credit to insurance companies just in case they ever fail or if the company defaults to provide protection for the project owner.  He enjoys dealing with the customers and the service aspect of it, while he also has the necessary skills to look at the financial reports.  Sai is very much a people person as well as enjoys the financial aspects of business, so his current position is a great fit for him.  Initially he had moved from department to department to learn more the business and his career options.  Now he is at a point where he likes what he is doing and is in a place where he wants to excel.